Sneakers Supply is a Luxury  customization shop that began in March 2017. 

Originating from the idea to elevate the sneaker industry to the next level. Custom luxury footwear.  We believe that every shoe owner from infant to elder should be afforded the oppportunity to envision and create  unique shoe design. At Sneakers Supply  we provide Custom  luxury Sneakers and regular Luxury Sneakers, only to be tailored by the one and only Sneakers Supply Team.  Having confidence in the company you choose to spend your money with is very important.Our goal has always been to provide you with the best custom shoes available on the market, whether you are a professional, a beginner or somewhere in between.

 Our Advantages

1. High reputation in the world wide trade of customized shoes;
2. Abundant resources and multiple trade channels in e-commerce both at home and abroad;
3. Advanced searching technology which could provide information of various categories;
4. Unique operation pattern combining traditional trading channels and Internet channels

NOTE: All shoes are made to order and processing time  for customized Sneakers is 2-3 weeks Days  depending on the order volume we receive within a week. Items  that do not require customization will be processed and shipped in 2-5 Days. Shipping time is 3-8 business Days depending on a Country\Customs.


Mon-Fri: 8am to 6pm EST time
Contact No: +1 (561) - 291 - 9699 (Whatsapp)